The management of technical safety and risk is one of the earliest priorities in any oil and gas engineering project. Production facilities, Refineries and Chemical plants are generally very complex and located in unique environments that are almost always hostile with potential for health and safety issues, negative environmental impact or loss-making downtime. The ability to predict and then prevent or mitigate undesirable events is probably the single most important factor in achieving business success in the energy industries.

The technical safety and risk team at OSL Consulting works hand-in-hand with consultants from our other disciplines to ensure that effective risk management is a key feature of every project throughout the lifecycle of the asset, from initial concept through full-scale production to decommissioning.

We cover every activity associated with safety, risk and equipment reliability, from the preparation of individual studies through to the provision of dedicated, full-time support. Our approach is multidisciplinary, and because we take an unbiased, independent view of our clients’ needs, we challenge conventional thinking. We encourage our clients to approach project design from fresh perspectives and ensure pivotal decisions are based on a clear understanding of the integrity issues involved.

Safety & Risk Management

The business of technical safety and business risk is paramount across all industries with safety receiving a high level of focus from operators and developers. Safety is central to all OSL projects and is integral to address the gaps between engineering, through the asset lifecycle from early conceptual phases, safety case and environmental submissions, all the way to operation support.

Our experts in risk identification and management cover technical, commercial and schedule execution aspects of energy industry projects. Additionally, we regularly provide risk management services and can tailor services to meet specific client requirements.

Specific areas of work we undertake include:

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