OSL offer specialist services across all aspects of subsea engineering, bringing a unique multi-disciplinary approach to subsea design, development, implementation, installation and the addressing of operational issues, and taking responsibility for our clients’ requirements throughout the entire lifecycle of the asset.

Having an in-depth understanding of what is required for subsea systems and their infrastructure gives OSL an unparalleled advantage over our competitors when it comes to linking subsea services to the surface or vice versa. Experience born not only from designing subsea systems on paper but also from actual practical hands-on knowledge of how the equipment required needs to be designed, built, installed and operated.

Having highly experienced subsea engineers that have designed and manufactured the actual hardware used for the development of these assets, we are best placed to cut through the jargon and spin produced by the manufacturers. Through this, we provide our customers with a solution that exactly matches their requirements, to the budget and timescale they specify.

OSL focuses on delivering the very best value across the lifecycle of the asset:

Our projects range from modifications to an existing asset to large-scale subsea developments.

Typical facilities and services include:

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