Flow Assurance has always been a major component in our service offering. It concerns itself with all the issues important to maintaining the flow of oil gas from reservoir to reception facilities. This core area of expertise is complimented by access to other disciplines such as subsea equipment design (mechanical design, materials selection, riser analysis, etc), process engineering, safety and risk assessment. As a result, OSL’s view of Flow Assurance is not an add-on but an integrated part of the field development solution we provide.

Our Flow Assurance service is applied across the life cycle of a development starting with a good understanding and model representation of the production fluid, through equipment design, operations support and production enhancement. This “full cycle” Flow Assurance input is essential to minimise the risk of production losses due to inadequate design or operational issues.

OSL's Integrated Flow Assurance Offering

Flow Assurance

We regularly get involved in the following:

Fluid Analysis

Flow Assurance input to Field Development Option Screening

Flow Assurance Screening

Flow Assurance input to Operations

Wax Management

Hydrate Management

Integrated Production System Dynamic Simulation Studies

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